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With Australia producing over 50% of world goat meat exports the numbers of Boer goats in Australia continues to rise as farmers and graziers turn to goat meat production as a profitable alternative enterprise.The BGBAA is the breeders association in Australia. It oversees the development of the Australian Boer goat towards the commercial exploitation of the superior meat production characteristics of the Australian Boer goat.

For the international and local producer, the Australian Boer goat offers:

  1. A source of top quality genetics.
  2. Animals that have been selected to thrive in a range of farming conditions.
  3. A highly versatile breed that complements other livestock production.
  4. A cost effective meat production resource.
  5. A product of a clean pristine sea-locked continent which is free from many diseases.

The development of the Boer Goat in Australia

The Boer Goat originated in South Africa in the early 1900's when some farmers began selecting their goats for meat qualities. It is the only goat breed that has been specifically bred for meat and is recognized as the World's premier meat goat.  Boer Goat genetics were imported into Australia in the late 1980's and were released from Quarantine in the mid 90's. Since this time the popularity of the Boer goat has gone from strength to strength with numbers rapidly increasing.

Boer goat bucks are being used to crossbreed with Australian bush does producing a much faster growing carcase, which reaches slaughter weight in significantly faster time and has a higher dressing out percentage. The Boer goat has also performed extremely well in trials and carcase competitions proving it to be the superior meat goat breed.